The Company Picnic: Rethinking Employee Appreciation

Keeping your employees happy is an excellent way to boost morale and keep hard-working employees on board. The idea of the company picnic is tried and true, but what else is there? How do you show appreciation to employees without going overboard? Here are some additional tips on letting your employees know how much you appreciate them without breaking the budget or failing in your attempts.

A company picnic is a way to get everyone together and let families enjoy the generosity of a company. Whether you have it catered or make it a potluck, it’s an easy and often affordable way to give employees a little something extra.

Other ideas follow this line of thought. Take it one step further by making it a memorable event. Make it a family-friendly carnival day, have door prizes or include games. Prizes may include gift cards for restaurants or entertainment, a paid-day off voucher, gift baskets and more. Fun is the name of the game, and oftentimes you don’t have to spend large sums of money for these types of events.

If a full day or evening isn’t in the cards, consider a nice, catered lunch for your staff one day during the month or quarter. Have a little something for everyone to choose from. Again, catering isn’t always an exorbitant fee; choose something budget-friendly that is healthy and fun for everybody.

Want to take it even further? If there is an amusement park or other fun, exciting destination in or close to your town, consider contacting the venue and ask about a corporate discount for one day. Largely discounted tickets can save the company money while still providing a less-expensive day of fun for your employees and their families.

The idea isn’t to break the bank with these types of events, but rather to encourage a family-like feel among your employees while giving them some much-needed fun time to associate with work. Everyone likes a little positive reinforcement and, if you’ve got the perfect staff that is going above and beyond, remind them with a little relaxation and fun. It may cost the company some money upfront, but a boost in morale is priceless.

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