How to Use Grassroots Efforts to Get Your Foot in the Door

Okay, it’s time to have some fun and think outside of the box. If you are doing what everyone else is doing to find a new position, then your resume may be getting lost in the 3 inch stack of resumes on the corner of the hiring manager’s desk.


First things first, network. Use the power of relationships to find a back door into a company. Attend local networking events, chapter or association meetings, or industry conferences. When meeting people let them know that you are in the market for a new position, if they are willing to chat, share your qualifications with them and what type of company you are looking to work for. Ask if you can follow up, send your resume, and if there’s any way you can support them (and be sure to do it if you can).


Social media. Find the big players in your industry through social media sites like Linked In and Twitter and engage in a conversation with them. Once you know that you’ve noticed them, open the door to take the conversation offline and see if there’s a way you can provide your resume, take them to lunch to pick their brain, or some other creative way.


Make friends with recruiters and staffing companies. These people have first hand contacts with employers who are looking for quality people. Let the recruiters know you are looking, what you are qualified for, and how you can contribute to their clients companies.


Regardless of what strategy you use, in a crowded marketplace, finding something creative to help you stand out could be the difference between getting a job and not getting one.








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