Celebrate Your Accomplishments from 2012

The end of the year is near. There are just days left before we embark upon the next 365 days of our life.

For a lot us, we spend a large amount of time looking forward to what’s next. We consider where we are, where we are going, and all that we need to do to create what we want to be and have.

Instead of focusing on the future in this final week of the year, take some time to celebrate your accomplishments from 2012.

Spend an hour this week to write down and acknowledge, honor and celebrate all that went right in the previous twelve months. Doing so will give you the motivation, energy, and self-efficacy to start 2013 feeling inspired.

Here are a few areas in which you can spend time reflecting on 2012:

  • What key career accomplishments did I have this year? Did I get a promotion, receive a raise, change a system in the business that created more revenue or decreased costs and overhead?
  • What personal things did I accomplish this year? Did I run a marathon, take an exotic vacation to a bucket-list location, improve my relationships?
  • What goals did I set for myself that I completed or made progress towards?
  • What awareness did I gain about my life and its direction?
  • What new partnerships or friendships were formed over the past year?
  • Who has my life impacted this year? Who impacted my life this year? What person can I thank for their mentorship, friendship or leadership? 
  • What good have I done? Have I volunteered, partnered with a charity, or fueled some other passion for my own well-being?

Reflecting on these past accomplishments may not be easy. In fact, many people will have trouble even remembering what they did over the past twelve months. In our work-driven culture, we spend so much time looking at everything that is left undone. But, shifting our focus to honor and acknowledge the progress we’ve made year after year, will give us a greater sense of happiness, accomplishment, and joy.

Take the time to celebrate these accomplishments—not matter how big or small, knowing you did the best you could with the time you had, and that next year you’ll do even better.