Staffing Firms: True or False?

Unfortunately, staffing firms get a bad rap. Several myths float around about working with a staffing firm that simply aren’t true. It’s something that is affecting the new workforce, the younger generation just getting out of college; the unfortunate stigma also reigns supreme with some of the more experienced workforce. The truth of the matter is that many staffing firms offer high-paying, direct-hire positions; many are headhunters, able to help you find your career – not just a job.

Some people may think that staffing firms only have low-paying jobs or jobs that nobody wants; others may believe that staffing firms are strictly for administrative, industrial or entry-level positions. False. Most staffing firms are dedicated to staffing within a specific industry or, in other cases, a handful of industries. For example, many deal with accounting, others with industrial work, still others for executive-level positions. Working with a staffing firm that specializes in your desired industry can open doors you never knew existed. You may be surprised at the types of positions you’ll be privy to when working with a staffing firm. Staffing firms are available for professionals in nearly any industry.

Some people believe that staffing firms strictly offer temporary positions. False. While many staffing firms specialize in temporary staffing for various industries, many also offer direct-hire placement in higher-level positions. If you’re under the impression that you’ll only get a temp position, you’re missing out on some opportunities.

Another myth surrounding staffing firms is that the benefits are lacking. Again, this is simply not true. Some, but not all, firms offer incredible benefits packages. Benefits vary between firms and companies, so definitely do your research.


No matter your industry, a staffing firm can help match you with the perfect position in a great company. If you have experienced difficulty in finding your perfect fit, you are ready to make that career change, or you have just graduated, a staffing firm will offer you great possibilities. You will be able to build a great relationship with an industry-specific staffing firm if you open up to them. Some career doors are closed to the outside public; a staffing firm may have a relationship with your dream employer.