3 Keys to Igniting a Strategic Vision for Your Career Path

Are you caught in the daily grind?

When’s the last time you considered where it was you were going – exactly?

Have you mapped out where and how you’ll get there?

If not, it’s time to revisit your future vision. As the second quarter of 2012 kicks off,  we are reminded how fast time passes. If you haven’t jump started your career goals this year, now is the time to revisit them and add fuel to your vision.

Here are three keys to lighting a fire to your future.

1. Clearly see where you want to be and when you want to be there. Take the time to imagine, daydream and visualize where it is you want to be. Do you want to lead a team as a manager, move up the ladder as an executive, or change roles completely? Clearly seeing this for yourself, will allow you to figure out what needs to happen in order for you to get there. Spend time visualizing and imagining all the pieces and details of your future career path.

2. Speak your vision. While you may not go around telling everyone about your vision, do let the key leaders in your company know where it is you desire to go. Also, speak about your vision to trusted friends and colleagues. When you let them know you are serious about your direction it will keep you accountable in taking steps towards it.

3.  Move towards it. No matter how big or small the action step, any movement in the direction of your vision will help it to actualize. This could include enrolling in additional training offerings, volunteering to take on extra tasks, or leading a team project. Whatever your vision is, begin moving in that direction.

Use these three simple key strategies to light a fire under your vision. Clearly seeing where you want to go, speaking it out loud, and taking steps toward it will all keep you motivated and attracting the vision you’ve set out to achieve.