The Staffing Firm: What Can It Do for You?

Connecting with a staffing firm to solve your current opening problems may be somewhat of an undertaking if you’ve never done it before. Many companies don’t believe they need to hire a staffing firm, and many others don’t realize the benefits a staffing firm can bring. Not all staffing firms are the same, further leading to the confusion of many companies who are reluctant to work with one.

Some staffing firms, including FORTIS Resource Partners, are dedicated to finding the perfect candidate with speed, accuracy and precision. Using a consultative approach allows the firm to more carefully diagnose what problems your company is facing and which candidate is going to fill the position and have the most generous impact on the company as a whole.

Thoroughly interviewing candidates while building a relationship with both parties allow a staffing firm to have a solid grasp on filling the void. The thoroughness they display while building relationships with candidates allows them to have a better understanding of who will quickly integrate into the company.

Not only is this beneficial to you because you successfully get a new employee, but the dedication to knowing all candidates more thoroughly ensures that you will get someone who is going to make a positive impact on the rest of your team.

Another benefit from working with a staffing firm is that you can build a relationship with your account executive, allowing you to more quickly fill positions in the future. Temp, temp-to-hire and direct-hire placement are all available. When you know a position will be opening up, such as if an employee is going to go on maternity leave in two months, or a busy time of year is coming for your company, you can reach out to your staffing firm representative and be able to have that position filled before it’s too late.

If you’re still not sure that a staffing firm can help, give one a call to figure out how the business runs and what other clients have to say. Chances are you’re not going to be disappointed if you work with a top firm with a strong dedication to nothing short of excellence.

Building a Case for Employees to Stay

There are many reasons employees may seek out other jobs or careers at another company. Sometimes they’re offered more pay, other times the job may be a better fit for their skills or schedule. In some cases, however, they may not be happy at all with their current positions. How do you keep your prized employees from jumping ship and going to another company? Make them happy.

By no means does this mean bending over backward to go against company policy or giving an employee an unfair advantage or benefits package that other employees aren’t treated to. It does mean, however, that you should try and compromise with the employee to help find a better fit and keep them with you.

First, you must find out why they are interested in leaving. Dig deep, get personal and try to get the details; you can’t compromise unless you know what you’re compromising with. Do they need more money? Does their family or personal life need more attention and a different schedule? Are they not being challenged enough?

If they’re after more pay, thoroughly review their performance and identify the benefits of giving them a raise. You may be able to offer something comparable to the salary the other company is offering. Sometimes it is all about the money, so don’t be shocked if they still want to leave if the other company is offering a much better salary. If you can’t offer a comparable salary, are there other benefits you can offer? Cell phone reimbursement, mileage, paid vacation time, etc? Would a different schedule help with their personal costs? For example: would coming in slightly later or leaving earlier reduce the amount of money they spend on childcare?

Is the job at your company a true fit for her skills? Not being challenged at work can be mind-numbing to professionals. If his skill set is better-suited for another position, can you promote him? Can you add to his responsibilities (with a pay increase to match the new tasks)?

Although these certainly aren’t effective in all cases, trying to make a comparable offer often helps retain great employees. After all, your employees are the backbone of your business, and star employees should be retained if at all possible.

Staffing Firms: True or False?

Unfortunately, staffing firms get a bad rap. Several myths float around about working with a staffing firm that simply aren’t true. It’s something that is affecting the new workforce, the younger generation just getting out of college; the unfortunate stigma also reigns supreme with some of the more experienced workforce. The truth of the matter is that many staffing firms offer high-paying, direct-hire positions; many are headhunters, able to help you find your career – not just a job.

Some people may think that staffing firms only have low-paying jobs or jobs that nobody wants; others may believe that staffing firms are strictly for administrative, industrial or entry-level positions. False. Most staffing firms are dedicated to staffing within a specific industry or, in other cases, a handful of industries. For example, many deal with accounting, others with industrial work, still others for executive-level positions. Working with a staffing firm that specializes in your desired industry can open doors you never knew existed. You may be surprised at the types of positions you’ll be privy to when working with a staffing firm. Staffing firms are available for professionals in nearly any industry.

Some people believe that staffing firms strictly offer temporary positions. False. While many staffing firms specialize in temporary staffing for various industries, many also offer direct-hire placement in higher-level positions. If you’re under the impression that you’ll only get a temp position, you’re missing out on some opportunities.

Another myth surrounding staffing firms is that the benefits are lacking. Again, this is simply not true. Some, but not all, firms offer incredible benefits packages. Benefits vary between firms and companies, so definitely do your research.


No matter your industry, a staffing firm can help match you with the perfect position in a great company. If you have experienced difficulty in finding your perfect fit, you are ready to make that career change, or you have just graduated, a staffing firm will offer you great possibilities. You will be able to build a great relationship with an industry-specific staffing firm if you open up to them. Some career doors are closed to the outside public; a staffing firm may have a relationship with your dream employer.

Keeping Your Organization Efficient All Summer Long

As an employer, you’re all too aware of the summer vacation season. This is the time of year when your employees – from entry level to executive – start using up their vacation days to spend time with family and get away. It’s not a bad thing, it’s highly beneficial to your employees and you, the employer, because time off means your employees are recharging their batteries and are probably in better spirits than those that don’t receive vacation time. However, extended vacations can leave you with more than a handful of summer vacancies. A staffing firm can help you fill those vacancies with dedicated, experienced and qualified individuals.

A detailed Vacation Policy can help you lay out the rules for employees, reducing conflict and hassles when it comes time for vacation season. Holiday weeks, such as the recent Memorial Day weekend, Independence Day, Labor Day weekend and even the winter holidays are common vacation times for many individuals. Alternating year-to-year for holiday weeks such as these can help you remain fair to all employees.

Of course, you don’t want to leave yourself completely short-staffed with your regular team. Unfortunately, playing the role of the “bad guy,” AKA manager, means that you may have to deny vacation times so that multiple employees aren’t gone at the same time. However, planning ahead for the summer vacation season can allow you to get a head start on temporary employees to fill positions for a few weeks.

Before vacations start, know what a temporary employee is going to have on her plate before she gets there. If he’s going to be working on major projects or filling the shoes of a major player on your team, know exactly what’s going on with that position. Interview a staffing agency – if you don’t already have a relationship with one – to get a jumpstart on filling those vacation vacancies.

Benefits of Staffing Services

Staffing firms offer a long list of benefits to both those searching for the perfect position and the companies looking to hire. For candidates, a staffing firm can provide the peace of mind of knowing someone else is on your side and dedicated to finding the perfect position for your desires and skill levels. For companies looking to hire, staffing firms have relationships with candidates and can help ensure you’re making the right choice when it comes to filling those difficult positions.


Most staffing firms offer pre-employment screening and also screen candidates’ skill levels. For the candidate, this means that the staffing firm knows everything you have to offer. For companies, this takes some of the pressure off because someone else is doing the leg work. Pre-employment and skills screenings allow staffing firms to quickly know which of their potential candidates is going to get the job done. This relieves pressure on the hiring company and prevents some of the adverse effects from a wrong hire.

Many companies don’t have the time or resources to thoroughly screen every potential candidate. Many staffing companies go a step further, ensuring that everything on the candidate’s resume is a fit for your company, down to assessing how proficient the candidate is in the technical and other skills listed on his resume.

Long-term Relationships

A quality staffing firm has a low internal turnover, meaning that both candidates and hiring companies can build a relationship with an account manager. As these long-term relationships grow, the account manager, candidates and hiring companies learn more about each other, allowing the staffing firm to quickly make the right connection.

Long-term relationships are invaluable, especially with a staffing firm account manager. Because they have taken the time to get to know your desires, skills and personality, the connections made become more focused on finding the right person for the company AND the position, not simply placing someone based on skill alone.

Bigger Selection

For both candidates and hiring companies, one of the key benefits of working with a staffing firm is that the staffing firm has a larger pool of both candidates and potential positions. Because most staffing firms are dedicated to one or a couple of industries, they are able to quickly match prospects with each other. No more wading through job boards looking for a position — or looking at resumes that don’t fit your position; the staffing firm is already on it.


Working with a staffing firm offers both sides an assortment of key benefits, allowing for ideal connections. A staffing firm can make the job-seeking or hiring processes less painful and less time consuming for both parties.