The Staffing Firm: What Can It Do for You?

Connecting with a staffing firm to solve your current opening problems may be somewhat of an undertaking if you’ve never done it before. Many companies don’t believe they need to hire a staffing firm, and many others don’t realize the benefits a staffing firm can bring. Not all staffing firms are the same, further leading to the confusion of many companies who are reluctant to work with one.

Some staffing firms, including FORTIS Resource Partners, are dedicated to finding the perfect candidate with speed, accuracy and precision. Using a consultative approach allows the firm to more carefully diagnose what problems your company is facing and which candidate is going to fill the position and have the most generous impact on the company as a whole.

Thoroughly interviewing candidates while building a relationship with both parties allow a staffing firm to have a solid grasp on filling the void. The thoroughness they display while building relationships with candidates allows them to have a better understanding of who will quickly integrate into the company.

Not only is this beneficial to you because you successfully get a new employee, but the dedication to knowing all candidates more thoroughly ensures that you will get someone who is going to make a positive impact on the rest of your team.

Another benefit from working with a staffing firm is that you can build a relationship with your account executive, allowing you to more quickly fill positions in the future. Temp, temp-to-hire and direct-hire placement are all available. When you know a position will be opening up, such as if an employee is going to go on maternity leave in two months, or a busy time of year is coming for your company, you can reach out to your staffing firm representative and be able to have that position filled before it’s too late.

If you’re still not sure that a staffing firm can help, give one a call to figure out how the business runs and what other clients have to say. Chances are you’re not going to be disappointed if you work with a top firm with a strong dedication to nothing short of excellence.

Filling a Position within Your Organization – Without Reading a Thousand Resumes

In today’s market there are many applicants, some qualified and some not, within the candidate pool. When you place an ad online, it can easily turn into an influx of emails and response that one would never expect, leaving the hiring manager feeling overwhelmed and perhaps even paralyzed.

To fill a position without having to view thousands of resumes, try these ideas first.

  • Ask your current team and staff if they have any recommendations within their personal networks that may fit for the position.
  • Get in touch with a recruiter or staffing firm to see what candidates they have immediate access to or who they can find for you.
  • Search your own network in LinkedIn or other social media sites. You could even make a status update or a post about the new position.
  • Review past applicants for other positions, did you have any favorites that could now work for the new opening?
  • Search posted resumes online.
  • Ask for referrals within other organizations, associations or groups of people to which you belong and associate with.

Filling a position can become a daunting task when you need to sift through 100’s or resumes, go through multiple interview steps and processes, and then make the best decision for the company. That’s where working with an outside staffing or recruiting firm can greatly increase the ease and effectiveness of this process. Be sure to contact us to see how we can support your company with your next new hire.