3 Ways to Motivate Your Employees

Do employees need motivating?  Every now and again there comes a time when  a company must make the decision to train and motivate their team.

Employees get sucked down through the proverbial negative trees and one bad apple has a tendency to rot the entire bunch. We all know the scenario, so what do we need to do to fix it?

First, keep your word. Companies often make the mistake of implementing new procedures, rules, or other policies and then don’t follow through. This breaks the trust cycle with employees and the next time you come around wanting to implement the latest idea from the managers meeting, employees will roll their eyes. They learn fast and if you don’t follow through, they know that it’ll only take a few weeks for it to wear off.  Keep your word no matter what.

 Next, recognize good behavior. Acknowledge the people who are doing it right.  It doesn’t mean you need to ignore the others, but make the good employees a priority. Offer incentives for good work, high productivity, increased turnaround times, or whatever the team needs to get motivated.

Lastly, there’s no “I” in team. Teams should be teams and they should play like one. Despite recognizing the good behavior of individuals above, companies shouldn’t set up their teams to negatively compete against each other. Promote teamwork and office kindness by initiating do-good events for other employees. If Mary’s child is home sick because of a major surgery, initiate a potluck where all the food gets donated to Mary’s family.

These are just three small changes you can make in your workplace to help motivate your employees. You can always find good trainers and implement new thoughts and ideas into the workplace. No matter how unmotivated your team may seem, there’s always a way to turn them around.

3 Simple Ways to Increase Company Morale

1. Incentivize behaviors that you do want. For example, most companies focus on the one or two percent of the people who are constantly late, reminding the entire staff that being late isn’t acceptable and is not tolerated. This brings attention to the behaviors that you don’t want and it also doesn’t do anything to reward the people who are on time. Instead, find a way to incentivize the employees that are on time – perhaps the last Friday of the month they get to leave an hour or two early if they were on time every day that month, or they get starbucks gift cards, or some other reward. This alone will make those late folks get out of bed on time.


2. Include your team in the change process. The people who really know the business aren’t always the managers and CEO’s, but the people who are working in the trenches. Ask your team and staff for feedback on changes, what would make their jobs easier, increase workflow, be more efficient, and allow them to provide better service to clients, Most team members have great ideas but never get an opportunity to voice their suggestions and know that they’ll be heard. Making changes that support the team will go a long way in increasing morale.


3. Have fun together. It’s easy to get stuck in the mode of a daily routine, but having fun together and allowing the staff the opportunity to relax and enjoy each other’s company can go a long way for increasing productivity. People lead busy lives, ensuring that your team feels appreciated and enjoys their workplace will increase workflow, morale, and productivity. You can do simple things like celebrate birthday’s once a month, have a two hour lunch block (with no work!) and take a break outside, bring in bagels, coffee and some board games and have tournaments against departments. Make the company a place that employees WANT to come to, and then they’ll be sure to give you 110%.