3 Types of Mentoring You Should Offer

Companies with abundant mentoring opportunities are more likely to retain their people. To achieve this, offer a range of mentors for people at different career stages. Here are three types of mentoring you should consider:

  • Buddy or peer mentors. In the early stages of a person’s career, a “buddy” can help speed up the learning curve. This relationship helps the protégé understand how things work at the organization.
  • Career mentors. After the initial period at a workplace, employees need to have a senior manager serve as a career advisor and advocate.
  • Life mentors. A life mentor serves as a periodic sounding board when one is faced with a career challenge. Organizations can’t necessarily offer a life mentor but they can encourage seeking one.

This article was originally posted on Harvard Business Review’s  Management Tip of the Day and was adapted from “Keeping Great People with Three Kinds of Mentors” by Anthony Tjan.