Managing Change: Making Friends with Your New Boss

There generally comes a time in our career when things are rolling along just fine, and then all of a sudden a boss, manager or other “higher-up” makes a change. Whether they move into a new position within the company, or make some other move, their decision ultimately leads us to a face a change in our own career. Here are few ways to manage the adjustment when a change rolls around your way.

1.  Don’t expect your old boss, to be your new boss. People are inherently different. Their communications styles vary, their leadership styles will be different, and even their expectations of you can change over time. The first rule in managing this change is to get to know your new boss. Find out their likes and dislikes, what’s important to them, and what they expect from you. Don’t be afraid to have a tough and open conversation to further understand your new leader.

2. Be clear about what you do. You will want to let your new leader know what your role entails. Perhaps you are doing things that aren’t expected, or that contribute to the team in a greater way than one would know about. Don’t be shy in letting this person know what you have going on and what tasks are on your plate.

3. Give change time. It often takes awhile for people to find their “groove” when working together. Since expectations and personalities differ, give the new leader the benefit of the doubt by not comparing them to your old boss, being accepting and understanding of their ways and requests, and being open minded about change.

Overall, making friends with your new boss will always pay off in the long run. Despite being resistant to change, many times change presents a great opportunity to grow and expand beyond your normal comfort levels. Furthermore, it can also show you are the kind of person who can thrive in any situation, which is exactly the type of person your boss wants on their team.