Inspiring Creativity in the Corporate World

Creative thinking at work, Corporate creativityIt’s likely your company is employed with many creative thinkers, perhaps with one who could ultimately provide the company’s next million-dollar idea. But is your company inspiring creativity in the corporate world?

If you take a look at a few of the companies who foster creativity in the workplace, you can gain valuable insight into what it takes to make an incredible company, brand, and product.

Some of the companies, who really understand this concept like Pixar and Apple, think outside of the corporate-culture box. Water coolers are strategically placed for conversation and collaboration. Basketball courts are open to the employees all day. Workspaces aren’t drab and dreary, and education and advancement opportunities are encouraged.

Don’t worry, if you can’t redecorate your office or add a gym, you can always implement these strategies to kickoff creativity in the workplace:

  1. Give everyone a chance to lead and be heard. When you only allow management to make decisions and come up with strategy you lose a lot of creative thought in the process. Enlist the entire team (that is involved) for feedback, brainstorming, and ideas – that means you must also listen. Team meetings can’t be used as a façade that employee’s are being heard. If they aren’t, they’ll quickly catch on and you’ll do more harm than good.
  2. Provide free time for thinking and contemplation. It’s rare that you hear of someone’s most brilliant idea coming while sitting at their computer desk, swamped with weeks worth of work. Free time – whether sitting on a couch and day dreaming, taking a walk in the park, or working in the community garden is where most people get their greatest ideas.
  3. Encourage risk-taking. Be sure that you encourage and reward risk-taking in the workplace and outside of it. When people get out of their comfort zones alternative ways of thinking begin.
  4. Reward great ideas. When your staff brings a great idea – make sure they get rewarded for it. Even public acknowledgment goes along way in fostering creativity.
  5. Hold contests. Create a challenge or a contest to get everyone involved, and make the stakes high enough that people are interested and really do want to WIN!

    Take the time to foster creativity in your workplace and you just might a solution you never thought possible.