Sensational Staffing Service: What’s Different About FORTIS

I’ve always known that FORTIS and my philosophy on staffing was different than other companies, so a few months ago I enlisted the help of an outside third party to interview some of my previous clients and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised with the results.


There were many things that came out of the information, like delivering quality applicants, a fast turnaround time, and an incredible retention rate but the one thing that came up over and over again was that we at FORTIS actually listen. As a small, privately owned staffing service we take incredible pride in really understanding and meeting the needs of our clients but because we just assume it’s part of the process we’ve overlooked how extremely important this is to our clients.


We understand that being heard isn’t just important, it’s critical. When a staffing company doesn’t listen to their client it creates more stress, wasted time, and poor candidate selections. What we do know is that the simple act of listening and hearing a person’s needs goes a long way and a trait that isn’t easy to come by.


We know and have seen that a lot of our colleagues within this industry aren’t concerned about the long term relationship and just the immediate hire at hand, but we feel differently at FORTIS we are here to listen, to strive to understand your needs, the companies needs, the position and what you are looking for, and the dynamics of your company culture so we can partner with you for life.