Embracing Workplace Diversity

Your office may be filled with diverse co-workers from various cultural backgrounds and genders – this can either lead to a highly creative environment or a conflicting one. Embracing workplace diversity can and should be fun and with a little focus on individual’s strengths this opportunity could set your office up for a powerhouse performance.


Backgrounds, work ethics, and values vary from culture to culture, it’s no wonder that a workplace filled with diversity could present a challenge to many. However, if a company and it’s employees choose to embrace the differences and the uniqueness of the individuals you could potentially see a dramatic improvement in performance and morale.


If your organization is filled with diversity perhaps it’s time to consider evaluating the differences at hand. Some cultures value hard work, while others value family and community. Yet still, some cultures are more material driven and others need and want acknowledgement. Understanding these differences means putting people in the positions that really feed their cultural values and helping them to excel. For example, an individual who values community and family could be great at PR, social networking, or marketing but may struggle in accounting where the person who values material possessions could flourish.


In other examples, how you acknowledge, reward, or promote your employees could also be evaluated to create a more dynamic workplace. Cultural awareness and embracing diversity can send a powerful message to your staff, in addition to training your staff to honor others will bring workplace cohesion, support, and a sense of community leading to increased performance, comrade and a superior company culture.