How to Identify an Exceptional Staffing Service

Hiring a staffing firm can get a lot of candidates at your front door, but hiring an exceptional staffing firm will get you just a few of the most qualified candidates.

You can quickly identify an exceptional staffing service by a few simple things:

1.    They don’t throw every applicant back at you for an interview.

2.    They take the time to understand the needs of the company for the position, get to know the company culture, and hire based on all factors.

3.    They don’t disappear after they get their check.

It’s hard to identify the wrong staffing company when you first start to work with them. They may promise big things, and ensure only quality candidates but you’ll soon discover how much they listened to you by the number of candidates you get and when they grow frustrated that none of them were the right fit. It can be frustrating working with a staffing service that is only concerned with filling the position, and not taking the proper time to find the best applicant for the job.

However, you’ll know you have an exceptional staffing service when you only get a few select people sent over to you who are all exceptional themselves. Many staffing companies don’t take the time upfront to understand a company’s needs, but the extra time at the beginning is what sets a staffing firm apart.

If you feel that the staffing service isn’t hearing your needs, sending you the right people, or delivering what they promised it may be time to end the relationship and move on. Hiring the wrong staffing service is just as costly as hiring the wrong person. Exceptional staffing firms do exist and when you have the chance to work with one you’ll never want to do the hiring process on your own again.


Beating Procrastination in Your Job Search

Procrastination is sure to seep in when your job search begins to take months longer than expected. It’s important to recognize when you are avoiding searching for jobs and getting down on any potential opportunities.

If you feel procrastination coming on and notice “avoidance” setting in, there are a few things you can do to overcome this feeling and move into better territory so when that new employer does call, you are ready, confident, and eager to answer the phone.

  1. Take a break. When you are avoiding looking for new jobs you have the sense that you “should” be doing something else and guilt can set in. Give yourself permission to take a break, that way you can avoid some guilt-free downtime. If you allow yourself to take a day off to get outside, have some fun, visit with family or just “veg” out, you won’t feel guilty about scouring the internet for the latest job postings and in turn you’ll feel more refreshed when you come back to it.
  2. Do something for someone else. You can always find people less fortunate than yourself, and during a time when you are feeling down the best thing that you can do to life your spirits is to help someone else in need. Find a place to volunteer and create a habit of showing up to serve others. The simple act of giving can get you back into a positive mood and right back into the swing of things.
  3. Change your routine. While it may be hard to muddle up the energy to get out of the house on some-days, it’s essential to your well being. A simple change of pace like looking for jobs at the local coffee shop or visiting the library to brush up on your interview skills can do a lot of good. Don’t get stuck in a routine that weighs you down, change things up a bit and keep them fresh and fun.

How Using a Staffing Service Can Literally Save Your….

Have you ever found yourself in a hiring-crunch? You’ve got meetings, appointments, paperwork, and more and between the two minutes you have to get your coffee and a snack you are reviewing resumes and chasing people down for interviews and you needed someone yesterday.

Do you know the feeling?

A hiring-crunch isn’t any fun and can often lead to making a bad hiring decision just so you can be done with it and get back to your regular to-do list.

This is where a reputable, dependable, and trustworthy staffing service can literally save your…. Well you can fill in that blank. When using an outside third party to find your next key staff member you not only save the time, the stress, and the hassle but you could literally save money too.

You’ve heard the statistics before; it takes more money to hire the wrong person than it does to find the right person and spend money doing it. When you hire right the first time you get someone who is qualified, fits into your company culture, and can easily provide the skills you need to get the job done. However, when you do it on your own and when you are in a crunch an emotional sense of urgency can cloud judgment – making it even more critical to have an outside objective third party help with the decision.

It’s best to think and plan ahead so you can avoid this “crunch” – even if you don’t need someone right now begin looking at various companies who specialize in your industry so if you ever do get in a crunch, all it will take is a simple phone call to smooth things out.

Is Your Hiring Process Hurting Your Business?

Typically companies ignore the hiring process until a position opens up. The problem with this is that it leaves you scrambling to find the right person in the shortest amount of time. Companies who place more emphasis on hiring and who are always looking for key talent have an advantage and can quickly fill a position with the best person in the shortest amount of time.

What can you do to change your hiring process and make it a priority?

Steve Chandler and Sam Beckford of 9 Lies That Are Holding Your Business Back state that hiring should be a priority at all times, even when all of your positions are filled. They say this does something incredible to company morale, since you have people waiting for positions to open up; your employees will be more productive and will be happier because they are working at a great place where many people want to come and work. Whatever you do, don’t go around telling your employees how hard it is to find good people.

To keep your potential employee pipeline filled work with a staffing company, recruiter, or other professionals who come across great talent. Whenever they have someone, even if you are not hiring, meet with them anyways. You never know, you just might find someone so incredible that it’s worth opening up a new spot in your company.

Top talent exists out there; you just need to do your part in consistently attracting them into your business