How to Ace Your Annual Review

Annual ReviewThere comes a time that rolls around once a year, in which we are given the opportunity to reflect on our past achievements, recognize what we did best, and assess where we could improve. Thus, the annual review. But have you ever really considered what it takes to ace an annual review, or have you simply been “showing up” for this “routine” check up.

We’d like to encourage you to put as much emphasis on your annual review, especially when you are looking to move up the corporate ladder, as you would a first interview.

Here are a few things you can do to ace your annual review.

Document Your Success

Recording your accomplishments throughout the year will allow you to come to the meeting better prepared. It will also give you a chance to showcase the value you bring to your position and the company overall. If you haven’t documented your successes, make a habit of thinking back to what you accomplished each Friday. Sometimes your wins will be small, but most often, if we don’t stop to consider what we’ve done, when it comes time for our review we will have forgotten. Documenting your success allows you to advocate for a pay increase and show that you are worth it! Continue reading How to Ace Your Annual Review