This New Year, Take Time to Focus on the Small Things*

*Because the small things really are the BIG things …

The eve of the New Year is a time for contemplation and renewal.  It is also a time to look back at all we set out to do and what we accomplished this past year.  We resolve to set our resolutions and we promise ourselves we will keep them.  Sometimes we put them in writing, often we don’t. They are often about losing weight, finding a new job, bettering our marriage, etc.

I have a twist on this time honored tradition…. What if we each spent time focusing on a few small details and writing out our thoughts?  Thoughts we can return and add to throughout the year?  Here are a few questions to contemplate and please comment by adding your own:

What am I looking forward to in 2016?

Who do I want to hang out with?

Who will I build a better relationship with?

What do I love about my job?

What really matters to me?

What will I do more of?

What makes me smile?

Who makes me smile?

What am I grateful for?

Who am I grateful for?

What is my purpose?

Enjoy thinking and writing about what YOUR New Year WILL BRING you, or what you will BRING to it.  I welcome your response with a few of your own affirming New Year’s questions.   Until then, enjoy the Journey of the New Year and all that it has to offer.  A year where every day will be new to you and an opportunity to renew your focus on the small details….

Happy New Year!

Setting Goals: How to Set Goals in Your Personal and Professional Life

Goal-setting is something everyone does in some way or another. Whether it’s saving for a new car or vacation, or having a five- and/or ten-year professional plan, people have goals. In the workplace, setting goals for the entire team and individuals alike can promote a level of efficacy that surpasses expectations.

Setting goals in the workplace involves having a written down, clear-cut plan of what needs to be done and when it needs to be done by. This is particularly important in any sales environment. Goals can be in the form of quotas; for example, each employee needs to make X amount of dollars in sales each day or create X amount of new contacts in a week. Having these goals not only sets a standard that each employee needs to rise to, but also helps boost productivity by making it somewhat competitive, even if employees aren’t directly competing with each other.

What, Why, How and When

Before setting goals for the company and employees, it’s important to look at what needs done and why it needs done. The why is the most important. Next, it’s important to have an achievable method of reaching the goals, or the how. Finally, you need to set a standard for when the goal needs to be met. Look at previous sales or employee efficiency to create a deadline for reaching the goals. Again, it is important that the deadline be achievable, even if it is a bit difficult.

Positive Reinforcement

Let’s face it, all people work better when there is some type of reward at the end of the tunnel. This doesn’t have to be an extravagant reward, but positive reinforcement goes a long way toward achieving goals — even if it is a pat on the back and public recognition within the company for going above and beyond the call of duty to meet and/or surpass the goal. Additional rewards may include bonuses, small gifts (gift cards, lunch on the house, etc), or something along the lines of some extra paid time off.

Goal-setting is a great way to keep track of who is pulling the most weight and which employees are working hard to meet and surpass your expectations. It is also among the most effective ways to help boost your bottom line.

A year from now you’ll wish you had started today!

“A year from now you’ll wish you had started today!”

This quote was sent to me a few days ago by one of the many email subscriptions I receive on a daily basis…. I couldn’t help but think about how profound this quote was and since it is still on my mind today, and I know it will be tomorrow, I thought I would share it.

I am certain this quote has a different meaning for each person who reads it. I don’t need to create a list of possibilities because by now you have started your own.  What this quote does, is serve as reminder that every day we have choices to make.  Some of these choices acted upon or not, will impact our future quite significantly.  Others, that are quite minor, we could take or leave and the end result or lack thereof will have little to no impact on us.

So what is it that if you started today would have a significant impact on your life or the life of others?  What have you been putting off by saying, “there is always tomorrow, or I will get to that someday?”

Sometimes procrastinating on a project or an action we should be taking actually carries with it a greater burden then completing the actual task itself.  The figurative bricks start piling up and the weight soon becomes overwhelming ultimately forcing change or action.  Wouldn’t it feel better to be in control of what you want to do rather than be controlled by what you are not doing?

Take a moment and decide what is it that you could be doing to better your situation or that of others.  Set yourself a goal for attaining that.  As of this post we have about 34 more weeks left in the year, or about 238 more days….

Shed the anxiety over what you are not doing and feel better by doing what you know you should.  So, anytime you are feeling the weight stack on your shoulders, think about what is causing this and make a decision to take action and you will feel pounds lighter and much happier.   Here’s to losing that figurative weight!

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