5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Interviews

Going through the interview process can become tedious if you have to sift through too many candidates, so why not try some fresh interview techniques to liven up the process and find out who is really underneath that resume.

  1. Talk about their passions. You can discover a lot about someone when you hear what they are passionate about. You’ll find out if they love to volunteer, read and learn about new things, or just enjoy soaking up the sun.
  2. Where do they like to vacation? Beach, mountains, or do they never even take vacations? Do you have an adventurous person in front of you or someone who values family time?
  3. Let the staff who will be working with the new person do the interviewing first. Avoid having to interview everyone and find who will best fit in with the team by allowing the team to do the interviewing.
  4. Take them out to lunch. Instead of staying in the office all day and plowing through interviews, meet them out to breakfast, lunch, or coffee. People tend to relax a bit more when out of the office.
  5. Never underestimate the power of humor. While it should be used only in appropriate settings, humor can help people to relax and show a bit more of their “humanness” during the interview process. It’s often unexpected during an interview, but can take away some of the routine feelings of the questions.

There are plenty of ways that you can add a personal touch to your interview style, most importantly the interviewer should be relaxed and welcoming and allow for the interviewee to open up and be themselves as well.

Can you share your own experience with being yourself in your interview?

How Using a Staffing Service Can Literally Save Your….

Have you ever found yourself in a hiring-crunch? You’ve got meetings, appointments, paperwork, and more and between the two minutes you have to get your coffee and a snack you are reviewing resumes and chasing people down for interviews and you needed someone yesterday.

Do you know the feeling?

A hiring-crunch isn’t any fun and can often lead to making a bad hiring decision just so you can be done with it and get back to your regular to-do list.

This is where a reputable, dependable, and trustworthy staffing service can literally save your…. Well you can fill in that blank. When using an outside third party to find your next key staff member you not only save the time, the stress, and the hassle but you could literally save money too.

You’ve heard the statistics before; it takes more money to hire the wrong person than it does to find the right person and spend money doing it. When you hire right the first time you get someone who is qualified, fits into your company culture, and can easily provide the skills you need to get the job done. However, when you do it on your own and when you are in a crunch an emotional sense of urgency can cloud judgment – making it even more critical to have an outside objective third party help with the decision.

It’s best to think and plan ahead so you can avoid this “crunch” – even if you don’t need someone right now begin looking at various companies who specialize in your industry so if you ever do get in a crunch, all it will take is a simple phone call to smooth things out.