How to Find a Career Mentor

Mentoring has always been an important part of career growth and advancement. Mentors successfully matched to their protégés can provide a mutually beneficial relationship. The mentor benefits through the o

pportunity of leadership, while the protégé benefits from insight, information, and advice.

The relationship can be both formal and informal, depending on what the parties agree. But despite the formalities, the important thing is to find a mentor that is right for you. (Or become a mentor if you are a leader already.)

Here are some tips on finding a mentor.

  • Choose a mentor with similar goals.
  • Find a mentor who is on a similar career path, or a complementary one.
  • Ensure the person has time for the relationship, and is willing to meet consistently.
  • Take your time getting to know someone prior to initiating a mentor relationship.
  • When you find someone, initiate the contact. Make the steps to get the relationship going.
  • Be sure your personalities, goals, and ideas synch up, but you’ll also want someone who is willing to challenge you as well.
  • Be open, honest, and forthcoming about your desires and expectations for the relationship.
  • Be willing to give back to your mentor.

Generally, a career mentor will voluntarily provide advice and assistance to your growth, and the relationship can last throughout your career.  A mentor’s guidance and insight can be invaluable whether you are just getting started in a new career, or looking to move up the corporate ladder.