Showcasing Confidence to Your Colleagues

Showing confidence in your work can increase your likelihood of receiving additional responsibilities, getting a promotion, and leading a team.  Since we don’t always start out as a confident team member, here are a few points to consider while increasing your confidence.

1. We all must start somewhere. The people around you may have more experience, education or knowledge, but they too once had to start at the bottom. Don’t forget that your peers were once in the same boat as you – just getting started or new to the field. It’s okay to not know it all. In this case, don’t be afraid to seek guidance, continue learning, and ask questions. Do your best to keep up to date with information, trends, and news within your industry. Sometimes a fresh perspective has just as much, if not more value, than an outdated way of looking at things.

2. Believe in yourself and trust your abilities. If you got the job, it’s likely the company felt you could do the work. They trusted in you, so have that same trust in yourself. Even if starting a new project or being assigned a new role may feel a little intimidating, trust that you have the right people and resources available to you, should you need assistance. Believe in yourself enough to get the job done, to make smart decisions, and to seek guidance when needed.

3. Don’t take anything personally. While you are growing and learning and in a place of expanding your self-confidence, it’s important not to take things personally. This can show up in a variety of ways, from constructive criticism to the way a question was worded (especially the way an email was worded). The key here is to stay focused on your own growth and evolution, and diminish your sensitivity to feedback from others.  Learning to take feedback and constructive criticism with confidence is a surefire way to see a major improvement in your career track.

Lastly, it’s important to note there is a big difference between confidence and cocky. Being confident shows that you believe in yourself, trust your abilities, and are able to get the job done. Being cocky will quickly make you enemies in the workplace, along with careless mistakes and errors. Confidence wins every time, and confidence is not about out-doing anyone else or needing to overshadow your colleagues.

“Who has confidence in himself will gain the confidence of others.” – Leib Lazarow

What other tips or insight would you add about confidence in the workplace?