Creating a Team that Boosts the Company

Although it’s sometimes lost in today’s world of employment, the ideal staff team is one that puts a good face on the company, a team that is loyal and that helps boost the company’s reputation and bottom line. Unfortunately, too many mistakes are made in this field and the company is the one who pays for it. As an HR professional or a part of the management team, part of your job is putting together the most amazing team of staff the world has ever seen.

One of the best ways to create an out-of-this-world team is to boost morale and create a pleasing work environment. Happy employees are more likely to be loyal to your company and to shed a new, positive light on the company’s reputation. This is pivotal in increasing your bottom line, encouraging new customers or clients, and boosting productivity in the work place.

Check out these simple tips for boosting morale and creating a great team:

  1. Be the manager everyone has always dreamed of having. How?
    1. Open the doors to easy communication
    2. Be objective and fair
    3.  Wear your smile
    4.  Take interest in the personal lives of your employees
    5. Offer praise when it’s due
  2. Understand that fun should be a big part of your work environment
    1. You don’t have to create a circus or be lax on rules, but understand that a good joke is always appreciated and friendly competitions can go a long way toward productivity
  3. Offer incentives
    1. A job well done or that exceeds expectations may deserve something a little special, like a gift card or movie tickets
  4. Let your employees know you notice their hard work
    1. Offer an on-the-house dinner or lunch one day
    2. Bring in a masseuse for free chair massages
    3. Plan an employee picnic or outing

If it seems like these suggestions aren’t going to do much for your bottom line, consider this: happy employees are more productive; clients are more satisfied when dealing with a smiling rep than a hardened one; and happy employees are more willing to say great things about the company to everyone, including on social media, to new acquaintances, and to their personal groups of friends and family.