Rewarding Your Team without Breaking Budget

We all want to reward our team and staff for doing a good job, meeting their goals, and going above and beyond for the company. However, cash bonuses may not always be an option. Here are some other ways you can reward your team without breaking the budget.

1. Give additional time off. Instead of making everyone stick around the office for their normal hours, give flex time. Award a certain number of hours that individuals can use throughout the month to use however they desire. Employees can take a full day off, a half day, or leave an hour early for the next two weeks. Their choice. Lifestyle is important to many of today’s workers, so giving them more flexibility in their schedule goes a long way.

2. Stock the break room. Keep lots of healthy and easy foods for people to grab on the go. Whether they are running late and don’t have time for breakfast at home, or a meeting went into their lunch hour, a stocked fridge keeps people happy!

3. Let them go mobile. Working from home is an increasing trend and many people greatly appreciate the flexibility of staying at home and working in the comfort of their own environment. Give employees a day a week to stay home and work virtually.

4. Bring in a massage therapist that employees can take advantage of on certain days of the month.

5. Create a game room or other escape zone for employees to connect, collaborate and break free from the daily grind.

There are many ways you can reward employees without breaking the budget, the key is to let people know that you appreciate them and the work they are doing.