A year from now you’ll wish you had started today!

“A year from now you’ll wish you had started today!”

This quote was sent to me a few days ago by one of the many email subscriptions I receive on a daily basis…. I couldn’t help but think about how profound this quote was and since it is still on my mind today, and I know it will be tomorrow, I thought I would share it.

I am certain this quote has a different meaning for each person who reads it. I don’t need to create a list of possibilities because by now you have started your own.  What this quote does, is serve as reminder that every day we have choices to make.  Some of these choices acted upon or not, will impact our future quite significantly.  Others, that are quite minor, we could take or leave and the end result or lack thereof will have little to no impact on us.

So what is it that if you started today would have a significant impact on your life or the life of others?  What have you been putting off by saying, “there is always tomorrow, or I will get to that someday?”

Sometimes procrastinating on a project or an action we should be taking actually carries with it a greater burden then completing the actual task itself.  The figurative bricks start piling up and the weight soon becomes overwhelming ultimately forcing change or action.  Wouldn’t it feel better to be in control of what you want to do rather than be controlled by what you are not doing?

Take a moment and decide what is it that you could be doing to better your situation or that of others.  Set yourself a goal for attaining that.  As of this post we have about 34 more weeks left in the year, or about 238 more days….

Shed the anxiety over what you are not doing and feel better by doing what you know you should.  So, anytime you are feeling the weight stack on your shoulders, think about what is causing this and make a decision to take action and you will feel pounds lighter and much happier.   Here’s to losing that figurative weight!

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