Speak Up: Learning How to Properly Answer Interview Questions

You’ve sent in your resume and received the call scheduling your interview. Chances are, you’re pretty excited about the interview, but also nervous about the meeting. The interview is a make-or-break instance that thoroughly increases or decreases your chance of getting the job.

Not everyone is a pro at speaking during an interview or important meeting. For some, it’s difficult to even talk on the phone with a stranger. If you have issues speaking up or are nervous about the interview, don’t worry! You’re not alone.

Learning how to speak up and properly answer questions not only makes you look more professional, it also shows confidence and allows you to more thoroughly explain your skills and experience. Here are a couple of tips to practice for your next interview:

TIP 1: Write It All Down

There are a few standard interview questions that are almost always asked. These include questions about your strengths and weaknesses; an explanation of a time you went above and beyond for the company; and what your experiences are and what they can do for the company. Start by writing down your answers to these questions as thoroughly as possible. Get detailed. Think about the answers. Practice saying these answers over and over in your mirror, even though you may feel silly doing so. Take the paper with you to the interview if it will make you feel more comfortable; however, make sure it is a clean and presentable piece of paper with just the questions and answers on it.

TIP 2: Do Your Research

Researching the company and position you are applying for is incredibly advantageous – the hiring manager will be impressed by your detailed knowledge of how the company works, what products are offered and why you will be a great fit, as described by you. Being able to mention how you might fix something or do something better takes this even further. Take time and think about what experiences and qualities you have that will be a great benefit to the company.


As they say, practice makes perfect – practicing your interview answers is a simple and efficient way to help you ace your interview. When you are prepared for the questions and have thoroughly thought about your answers, and you have taken the time to evaluate your own valuable skill set, you will answer more precisely and with more confidence.

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