Prioritizing Your Way to Productivity

Each and everyone of us are bombarded with email messages, phone calls, distractions and more. All of these things can be productivity killers and stop us from getting ahead at work.

Here are few tips in prioritizing your day to get more of the right stuff done.

1. Identify your urgent tendencies. The speed in which we can communicate by email, text, or phone sometimes gives off the impression that everything is urgent in today’s world. Yet, that’s simply not the case. Most matters are not urgent and don’t need to be handled right now, even though they may need attention within the next 24-48 hours. If something isn’t urgent, put it off to a dedicated time in your calendar to reply to matters that don’t require immediate attention, but do need some response.

2. Recognize your work patterns. Do you do what’s hardest, easiest, in front of you, what will move you ahead or something else? Whatever it is, you’ll find one big time stealer is your pattern of work. Whether that is checking emails incessantly and responding to those, doing the easier admin tasks, or getting immersed in one task that you loose track of time and miss deadlines on other projects. When you know your work patterns, you can begin to shift those to allocate specific time limits to some of your biggest time stealers.

3. Set boundaries. In order to prioritize your day to be more productive, you have to start with setting clear boundaries on your time. It’s easy to let time-thief’s creep in all day without even being aware that hours have passed by, but if you schedule or time block your day, you’ll be more productive on the tasks that have the biggest bang for your minutes.

4. Stay focused. Multi-tasking is not a tool of the productive, it’s a tool for those who are juggling too many unfinished projects and looming deadlines. When you are focused and work on just one task at a time, you’ll find that you achieve more in less time. Turn off all other distractions when working on a big project or task.

When you take the time to prioritize your day, you’ll find that you get more done with ease. You’ll also find yourself leaving the office every day feeling accomplished and ready for tomorrow.

What else do you do to prioritize your day? We’d love to know. Leave a comment below. 

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