Job Seekers – Why Using a Recruiter Can Help You Land Your Next Job–Faster!

As recruiters, we often talk about the benefits of working with a recruiter from the side of the company we are serving, but what about the job seeker? There are many benefits to job seekers to connect with the right recruiters in their specific industry—when they are looking for a new position and even when they are not.

Developing relationships is a critical part of the job search that many people often overlook or begin when it’s too late (they are already unemployed, they need something in that moment, etc.) When individuals wait to create a relationship with a recruiter just because they “aren’t looking,”  they miss out on the opportunity to form and build a relationship that could potentially serve them in the future.

Recruiters come with a specialized network and they know the companies they work with well, and when a person comes along who is a good fit, even during a time when there isn’t a position open or available, that candidate will be remembered in the future. Those networks and relationships could become extremely valuable down the road.

Once you’ve developed a relationship with a recruiter and you’ve built the ultimate, “know, like, and trust” factor—that recruiter will go out of their way to find a role that fits for you when you do need to make a move. You’ll have developed a relationship that could give you immediate results.

When job seekers work with recruiters to find a new position, recruiters can help make the process go faster and easier for the candidate and potentially find them a position that couldn’t otherwise be found.

So, if you are ready to get known by a recruiter in your industry, begin by reaching out and introducing yourself. Offer to take the recruiter out to coffee to get to know them better, see how you can help them and their business by referring other candidates or even potential employers. Once you’ve established a connection, then be sure to stay in touch consistently so you can continue the relationship.

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