Job Seekers – 11 Critical Success Factors!

Critical Success Factors Exist in Everything We Do; How Are Yours When It Comes To Your Job Search?

Critical success factors apply to everything we do in life and our job search is no exception. Have you ever taken time to categorize and understand what job search, not employment, but job search skills you must have to be successful?

Critical Success Factors

The Critical Success Factors that a job seeker must possess include:

  1. The ability to move on and leave the past behind you.
  2. The understanding that spending your time blaming something or someone will not move you forward.
  3. A personal network that can be tapped for information and help.
  4. The ability to grow and develop a network where sharing and caring are mutual.
  5. An appearance and wardrobe that are appropriate for the opportunity. If you are not sure what is appropriate, contact someone that works there or camp out in the parking lot and observe the people coming and going.
  6. A specific goal. If you present as a “jack or jill of all trades” that will be the type of job and pay level that you receive.
  7. A value proposition. What makes you different and sets you apart? Why should the hiring manager; hire you?
  8. A resume that tells the YOUR story.
  9. Interviewing skills.
  10. A learning mentality
  11. A Social Networking presence that compliments YOUR resume.

This next section addresses a couple of these success factors in more detail. Watch for future discussions of the remaining factors.

My Job Is Gone – Now What?

Many jobs that disappeared will never come back. Either they have gone off-shore, been replaced by technology, or it was determined they did not provide the value to keep them. This does not mean that the person in the job was not valuable, but that the position did not provide the necessary value.

If your job was out sourced overseas or replaced by technology; you must be looking at how you can transition your skill set to another career. You may find a similar position, but chances are that, at the new company, the position will eventually be replaced and in the meantime the pay is most likely not at your previous level.

You Must Constantly Be Updating Your Skills

We all must be continually updating our skill sets. If you are not moving forward, there is no standing still; just falling further and further behind. The ball is truly in your court and you must make the most of it. You can ONLY do this by building your skills.

Continuing education speaks to recruiters and hiring managers. They want to know that they are hiring someone that cares about their own well being! If you are not working to improve your skills, do you really care about YOU? Are YOU important to yourself? If you do not care about yourself, why should the believe that you will care about your job and their business? The action of not participating in self improvement speaks volumes.

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