How to Keep Your Employees

Providing a stable paycheck and employment isn’t enough to keep all your people around. Here are some things you can do to ensure that your people stay happy and stay put!

Quality of life. Many of today’s employees want freedom and flexibility. That could mean flex hours, to flex time off, to working from home. Quality of life is important to all generations, but even more important to the youngest generation in the work force. They want to work hard, but they also want to live and play hard as well.  Building in freedom and flexibility to the work culture will contribute to the happiness of your employees.

Advancement Opportunities. You may loose some of your team members because they feel they don’t have the opportunity to grow and advance within the company. Even if you don’t have a position available, they are ways to show that you are honoring and acknowledging their leadership potential. You can do this by rotating who leads a project or assignment, allowing people to sit in on management meetings, or ensure their voice is heard in the creation of a new process or idea.

Recognition. Most people report the need and desire to be recognized by their peers. This goes a long way in keeping people happy. What can you do to recognize team players for their skills and strengths they are bringing to the company? Public acknowledgement is great, but even just pulling a person aside to let them know what a great job they are doing will take you far.

Fun. Work is… well, hard and sometimes stressful. What if you could make your environment a little more fun? What types of thing would your employees appreciate? An ice cream cart on Friday’s, fun music in the break room, a ping pong table in the lobby? Giving people a chance to unwind at work will create a culture that will make it hard for people to walk away.

What other ideas do you have for retaining your employees? We’d love to know. Please share those below.

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