Get Heard in the Workplace – How to Share Your Thoughts and Ideas

Get Heard in the Workplace – How to Share Your Thoughts and Ideas

Communication in the workplace can be challenging at times, but speaking up and getting heard is an essential part of staying happy and satisfied in the workplace.

How can you get heard in the workplace? Here are three tips for increasing the effectiveness of your communication!

  1. Become solution oriented. Managers are always approached with complaints and problems, yet few employees actually consider presenting solutions. They expect their managers to figure out the problem for them. Presenting a problem with a solution will make your managers ears perk up. The next time you see a problem, think about how it can be solved before you reach out to your higher up.
  2. Be clear and focused when delivering information. Most managers only need to know the basics, yet some people feel compelled to fill them in on all the details. To make the most out of your time with your manager, always provide the most essential, relevant, and critical details. Leave out the “he said, she said’s” and present the facts only.
  3. Be conscious of the time you are choosing to speak to your boss/manager. Talking to them as they walk down the hallway or at the water cooler, is likely to yield less results. Instead, schedule a 10-15 minute time slot with them, and let them know in advance what you’d like to discuss.

Remember, it’s always about bringing value to your employer, being clear and focused with your communications, and leaving any drama out of it

What are your tips on getting heard in the workplace? Share your experiences with us; we’d love to hear them.

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