FORTIS, Giving Back

Pictured, Kira, Brooke, Molly of FORTIS Resource Partners

FORTIS Resource Partners had the pleasure of working with Share Our Selves (SOS) in Adopting a family for Christmas this year!

Share Our Selves is a wonderful non-profit organization that provides care and assistance to those in need.

SOS provided FORTIS with a less fortunate family that consisted of a single mom, and two children (Son, 10 years old, and Daughter, 2 months old) to organize gifts, food, and basic essential so they can enjoy a special Christmas. This family was in desperate need of basic essentials such as clothes, shoes, blankets, pots and pans, and food. Kira, Molly, and I, along with gracious friends and family donated several gifts for both the children, pots and pans for the Mom, and clothes and food for all. It was such an amazing experience to be able to provide a memorable Christmas to a mother that isn’t fortunate enough to provide these gifts to her children.

The greatest gift that was given was a bike for the 10 year old boy. He asked for nothing more than shoes, and clothes. Honestly, what 10 year old boys do you know that wants shoes and clothes for Christmas? A used bike was on his wish list, and we were able to make his wish come true. I would have loved to see the look on the boy’s face when he received the bike on Christmas day!

The highlight of the overall experience was dropping off the boxes of food and gifts to the collection center, and being able to see the large amounts of boxes, clothes, shoes, and food that were donated. It’s so rewarding to see a community come together to help support the families in need within our community.

We are looking forward to working with Share Our Selves again in the upcoming 2013 year. Our plan is to adopt a larger family, and have more friends, family, clients, and candidates involved in the wonderful donation opportunities.

In the meantime, please continue to frequently visit our website to see other philanthropic adventures we will be involved with in 2013!

If you want to learn more about SOS, and ways you can donate your time or money to the organization you can visit their website at

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