Figuring Out the New Workplace

You landed the job and now it’s time to start figuring out the ins and outs of the new workplace. Starting a new position in a new company is exciting, but it doesn’t come without challenges. You’re part of a new team of individuals, new mottos, new goals, new procedures. It’s not uncommon to feel slightly overwhelmed with the numerous changes and responsibilities you’re now facing.

Getting On the Same Page

Take a deep breath and let it out — you’ve got this. One of the most important aspects of figuring out the new workplace is getting on the same page with your direct boss. New boss, new rules and a new personality to try and figure out, but it’s not always difficult. Getting on the same page with your boss helps you gain your footing in the new position. It also helps you to realize exactly what’s expected of you without the guessing games that normally come with such a task.

Remember you were hired for a reason and you wouldn’t have the position if there wasn’t something about you that stood out and told your now boss that “Hey, this guy’s got what it takes.” Be upfront with your new boss about any concerns you have about your list of responsibilities or new projects you’re taking on. When you know exactly what’s expected of you in your new working world, it’s easier for you to complete your tasks without making common mistakes.

Realizing When You Need Help

It’s not uncommon to become overwhelmed at a new position, especially if the job entails responsibilities that you’ve never had before. While it’s sometimes human nature to feel ashamed in asking for help, realize that it’s important — especially in a new working environment. Just like getting off on the right foot with your new boss, it’s equally important to know which team members are reliable when you have a question  relating to your new responsibilities.

Going Above and Beyond — Responsibly

When you start a new position, chances are you’re wanting to make a grand impression on your new boss and the team. Many people often try to go above and beyond what is expected of them, which is never a bad thing; however, it’s easy to overdo it. 

One problem that comes along with going above and beyond is stretching yourself too thin and not being able to complete all of your projects or responsibilities because you’ve taken on too much. This is unfortunate because it has a negative effect. While your boss may see that you’re taking on additional projects and trying to help the company, he’ll also see unfinished projects and unmet deadlines.

Another problem with going above and beyond is that many people make the mistake of stepping on the toes of others. Taking on additional responsibilities is great, if you have time for them. However, you don’t want to directly undercut another member of the team by taking their responsibilities out from under them. It’s a fine line.


Your new job is surely going to surprise you with questions here and there, but that’s part of the game. Handling the issues and questions that come up correctly can help ensure your future at the company and your overall work experience.

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