Creating the Perfect Job Posting

When you have a position that needs filled, one of the first steps is creating a job posting to place on your company’s website and on various job boards. After all, attracting qualified job seekers is your goal and qualified job seekers are scouring Internet postings looking for that perfect fit.

The job posting content may not seem like a big deal; you just need to put the basic information down, right? Yes and no. While it’s true that many qualified people are willing to take nearly any job right now because of the high unemployment rate, many are looking for a position that will help boost their careers. As such, the job posting itself needs to attract these types of job seekers.

Reach Out to Your Target

You won’t get too far if you’re not reaching out to your target demographic of job seekers. Being specific with the skills set and the job title is particularly important, especially if the position you’re looking to fill is more specific than the generic job title. For example, “Account Manager” can apply to numerous different types of positions. If it’s sales-based, write “Sales Account Manager” instead. If you’re looking for an expert to help with online marketing, don’t simply say “Marketing,” say “Online Marketing Manager” or something similar. Being specific in the position’s title can help attract job seekers with the right qualifications and skills.

Have Fun and Be Specific, but Don’t Go Overboard

The job description should be an easy read for job seekers, but it shouldn’t be filled with fluff or jargon that won’t come up in searches. Use the most common job titles and descriptions so that your posting comes up in seekers’ posts. It’s OK to use some jargon and have fun in the body of the description, as long as the more common search terms are also used. For example, if you’re hiring a social media manager, say so instead of saying something along the lines of “Social Media Ninja.”

In addition, keep your posts dedicated to the job and company. Detail the job description thoroughly (always be as truthful as possible in the job posting) and offer information relevant to the job posting. Be  honest about the responsibilities of the position as well, making sure you don’t exaggerate or skimp on the details.


The job posting should grab the attention of qualified seekers while also coming up in search results. The right candidates are out there — you just have to know how to attract them.

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