Building a Case for Employees to Stay

There are many reasons employees may seek out other jobs or careers at another company. Sometimes they’re offered more pay, other times the job may be a better fit for their skills or schedule. In some cases, however, they may not be happy at all with their current positions. How do you keep your prized employees from jumping ship and going to another company? Make them happy.

By no means does this mean bending over backward to go against company policy or giving an employee an unfair advantage or benefits package that other employees aren’t treated to. It does mean, however, that you should try and compromise with the employee to help find a better fit and keep them with you.

First, you must find out why they are interested in leaving. Dig deep, get personal and try to get the details; you can’t compromise unless you know what you’re compromising with. Do they need more money? Does their family or personal life need more attention and a different schedule? Are they not being challenged enough?

If they’re after more pay, thoroughly review their performance and identify the benefits of giving them a raise. You may be able to offer something comparable to the salary the other company is offering. Sometimes it is all about the money, so don’t be shocked if they still want to leave if the other company is offering a much better salary. If you can’t offer a comparable salary, are there other benefits you can offer? Cell phone reimbursement, mileage, paid vacation time, etc? Would a different schedule help with their personal costs? For example: would coming in slightly later or leaving earlier reduce the amount of money they spend on childcare?

Is the job at your company a true fit for her skills? Not being challenged at work can be mind-numbing to professionals. If his skill set is better-suited for another position, can you promote him? Can you add to his responsibilities (with a pay increase to match the new tasks)?

Although these certainly aren’t effective in all cases, trying to make a comparable offer often helps retain great employees. After all, your employees are the backbone of your business, and star employees should be retained if at all possible.

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