Aligning Culture with Values in the Employment Process

Company culture is one of the most important aspects that should be assessed during the hiring process.

When navigating through the hiring process, hiring managers should not only review applicants based upon their skill set and expertise, but for the individuality and unique personalities that they will bring to the group.

Group dynamics within corporations are often the tipping point of great culture over disgruntled employees.

Those individuals who fit within the values of the company culture have a greater sense of loyalty, responsibility and ownership for their stake in the success that takes place within the environment. Employees that are haphazardly thrown together don’t have that same cohesiveness. And, as we’ve all seen in various organizations, one disgruntled employee can easily take down many co-workers on their way out.

Let’s take a look at what can you do to ensure you’ve got the right people with the right fit for your culture.

When hiring, assess these points:

  • Listen to the language the person uses. What things are they passionate about? What gets them excited? What are their hot buttons?
  • What’s their personality? Calm, relaxed, ambitious, competitive? What style will best fit with the other members on your team?
  • What’s their problem solving style? Individualistic, collaborative?
  • Are they adaptable, flexible and feel a sense of empowerment to take ownership of tasks?
  • Does the individual have a passion or an interest in the type of product or service you are delivering? Can they understand their role in the bigger picture of the company?

Aligning company culture with a new hire increases the likelihood that your new hire will be there for the long-term. Don’t overlook this important aspect of the hiring process.

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