7 Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Resume standards change over the years, and as candidates go in and out of the job pool they often lose touch with what’s relevant in an updated resume. Here are seven tips you can utilize to make your resume stand out.

#1 Drop the objective statement.

Objective statements are now considered outdated pieces of information. A resume should be targeted to one position and therefore eliminates the need for an objective. Instead – replace your objective statement with a qualifications summary.

#2 Formatting

Resumes can now be more creative than in the past. Your format doesn’t need to stick with one column, nor do you need to worry about keeping all of your information on one page. Use creative formatting to help emphasis important information, and highlight what you want your reader to notice.

#3 Share your expertise

Employers and recruiters want to be able to quickly identify whether or not you match the position’s requirements – using a separate box or highlighted area to identify your key areas of expertise will help those attributes stand out on the page.

#4 Use recommendations

Do you have a few good recommendations from your current or previous employers? If so – use them on the resume itself. It’s best to use recommendations from past managers instead of co-workers.

#5 Share accomplishments

Instead of simply rehashing the duties of your old positions, be sure to state what you achieved during your employment there. Companies want to know how you cut costs, increased revenue, or increased productivity. It may take some thought to come up with these for your old positions, but it will pay off in the end.

#6 Use hyperlinks

The majority of resumes are read online; take advantage of this by linking your resume to your LinkedIn profile, past employers, and any other relevant information. Use this sparingly and where it makes sense, however, don’t clutter your resume with links that don’t matter.

#7 Add a splash of color

Again, because many resumes are read online using color can make your resume stand out instantly. Don’t go overboard with color. Make sure the color and style you use fit with the job you are applying for. For example, a graphic designer may use more color in a resume over an executive who would use more basic tones and shades.

What trends have you seen in today’s resume?

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