5 Steps to Getting Organized for Your Next New Hire

Hiring a new employee can be an exciting time for your company. Whether you are replacing an individual, or you’ve opened a completely new position, being ready and organized for your new hire will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes for a successful transition.

Here are a few things you can do to get organized for your new hire.

  1. Have as much information about the position as possible. This includes knowing the day-to-day tasks, who the person reports to, what they are responsible for overall, and the big picture vision of their position.
  2. Obtain the data, facts, projects, and any other miscellaneous information from the team in which the new person will be working. This entails the group projects, team meetings and information, and anything that help this person become more successful.
  3. Have a training and integration plan. The more organized and detailed you can be upfront and in the beginning, the more the person will have confidence in their position and the company. This means you’ll need to be fully prepared for your new hire on their start date. If your week is too busy for a new hire to start on a Monday, consider moving their start date to Wednesday or Thursday.
  4. Make their first day organized, planned, and incredible. This can include things like knowing their logins and passwords, having their office or space setup, giving them a calendar with meetings, expectation and upcoming deadlines. People love to be led, and they love when a company is organized.
  5. Cater to the personality of your new employee. If you had your new hire take a personality test before employment, or at the start of employment, use that information to ensure the success of the individual. If they are an introvert, perhaps running them around to meet everyone on the first day, including lunch with the managers may not be the best bet. A one-on-one with their team lead however, would go over nicely!

Above all, remember that the more organized and prepared you are for your new hire, the more the relationship will start out on the right foot.  What that really means is a successful transitions into the new position.

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