4 Smart Strategies for Job Advancement

Smart executives know that in order to achieve job advancement, they cannot afford to take anything for granted. Performing well and bringing value is tantamount to success! However, you can be great at your job and never advance to the next level if you don’t make a conscious effort to plan for career growth. Those who decide to seek job advancement must leave nothing to chance.

To advance yourself to the next level, create a clear and concise roadmap that guides you through the process. Here are some specific strategies you will want to adopt in order to succeed:

Create Your Personal Brand

Creating a brand that is in high demand is one of the most powerful things you can do to fuel career advancement.  Once you establish the skills and characteristics that make you unique, employers will be more likely to pursue you.  To develop and implement a personal brandingstrategy, you must first assess your strengths, preferences, and differentiators. I often provide a DISC assessment as a first step in establishing a sound personal branding strategy.

Convey Your Value
Once you have a thorough picture of the image you wish to convey with your personal brand, you must continue to refine the brand and establish it as a common theme in all of your communications. You must BE your brand. Blogging, participating in discussions on social media sites, providing case studies, volunteering, and attending local networking events are all ways you can extend and grow brand recognition.

Update Your Career Documents
Smart executives recognize that part of positioning their brand includes creating outstanding career documents. A strong LinkedIn profile and the development of a professional biography can add value, and help with job advancement. It is no longer enough to have a basic résumé.  Your résumé must be polished and focused to reflect your brand image. It should include targeted and impactful wording that illustrates your most impressive accomplishments. Many executives are opting to include a multimedia VisualCV / Digital Résumé as part of their repertoire.

Public Speaking & Media Interaction
I know that people hate the thought of speaking publicly; but the more you get your face and name out in the world as a valued resource and industry expert, the more likely you are to be remembered for new and interesting opportunities. If you are quoted as a trusted resource in multiple publications, this will add clout to your brand, as well.

Most successful executives have worked hard to develop their reputation and nurture their brand value.  It is important to think about job advancement early in your career.  By planning a well-defined strategy and mapping out a specific path for growth, you will be one step ahead of the competition.

This post was written by Debra Wheatman, originally posted on Careers Done Write.

Debra Wheatman, CPRW, CPCC is President of Careers Done Write, a premier career services provider focused on developing highly personalized career roadmaps for senior leaders and executives across all verticals and industries.

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