3 Ways to Restore Morale After You’ve Fired an Employee

It’s inevitable. Every company has had to do it. It’s what you do afterwards that really matters to your team. It’s critical that you work to keep morale high after you’ve fired an employee – especially if the fire was unexpected by your team.

Here are 3 ways to restore morale after you’ve fired an employee.

  1. Be transparent. Be honest about the reason for firing, within guidelines of protecting the employee. Transparency is important in retaining trust and keeping morale when an employee is fired, let go, or laid off.
  2. Communicate. Whatever you do – don’t hide behind the fire. Meaning don’t act like it didn’t happen, and don’t downplay the seriousness of the event. Employees often fear for their own job security after someone is fired or let go.
  3. Educate. In order to do both #2 and #3 above you’ll need to educate your team on what’s expected of them. The more informed they are about your expectations – the more they can safely assess their own stability and performance.

After some time has passed be sure to utilize other morale building strategies such as team-builders, company events, and other rewards for employees who are doing a good job or going above and beyond their expected roles.

And always remember – reward positive behavior before reprimanding negative. It reinforces what you want to see happen within your team, over what you don’t want your employees doing.

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