Job Searching: Social Media Profile Tips for the Job Seeker

With social media being an easy access point for potential employers to check out their applicants, it’s important to follow these few easy tips on social media sites.


1. Your Picture. A picture is worth a thousand words. Ensure that all of your profile pictures are professional and accurately represent your work ethic and personality. A picture of you enjoying a beer at your favorite watering hole and watching your alma mater may not be the most appropriate when looking for a job. Choose a picture that shows your face and that your mother would be proud of.


2.  Privacy Settings. The privacy settings can be managed on the various social media sites. The ones where you can block your private information, be sure to do so. Also remember that other sites like Twitter, everything is essentially public and lasts forever. Think about your posts and if they are something you wouldn’t mind your potential employer seeing, if necessary clean up your past updates just to be safe. In Facebook, check to make sure your photo albums are set to private as well.


3. Accuracy. Some of the sites, especially Linked In which is used by many job seekers and searchers can show all of your past employment information. You want to ensure that this matches up with your resume and is current. Don’t allow someone to assume there is some fudging because you haven’t kept your profile current.



Raising the Bar of Your Company Culture

Company culture is often a mysterious thing, it evolves as employees and managers move through the ranks, as people come and go, and new employees enter the scene. Company culture has the power to make or break company morale.

So how can you raise the bar on your company culture? Here are a few tips at keeping the culture high.

1. Avoid competing against one another. Using competition within the company can create conflict and resentment, instead use team competition and reward the company or group for meeting their goals. For example, instead of using sales people against one another make a team goal for all sales people to increase sales by 20%. Pair them up with the accounting department to decrease past due payments by 7%. Make the competition fun and light hearted and all around to support the overall good of the company.

 2. Encourage philanthropy. You can do this as a company or for individuals. Support and recognize employees who donate their time and money to charitable organizations. Offer additional “community service” days off to encourage employees to take time to give to others. This is extremely beneficial  to company morale., Employees who are happier with their company work harder, and are willing to go the extra mile when they know their company will go the extra mile for them.

3.    Listen to your people. Employees like to feel heard and understood. Unfortunately, many corporations make decisions and let them filter down without considering the people the decisions will affect. Simply asking for what the people think, how things can be done better, and what changes they think will have the biggest impact can significantly improve your company culture. There’s nothing worse than employees who feel that nothing they do or say matters within the company.

4. Celebrate successes. As your company reaches its goals, reduces overhead, goes a year without an injury or whatever it is – celebrate! If there’s a reason to celebrate at the end people may work harder to achieve what you (the company) wants.

5.    Values. Honor the company values and the employee’s values. Values like family, time off, and honoring religious or spiritual beliefs goes a long way. Work and life shouldn’t be separate and instead they should be integrated and balanced. Allow your employees to feel complete in all aspects of their work and life by allowing flexibility based on values.

Help a Child in Need with a Click of a Mouse

You can help Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County match more at-risk children with a positive role model – it’s easy and it’s free!  Chase is giving away $5 Million to charities and YOU can help them decide which charities should get their support.

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  • Able to get along better with their families

Forward this on to your friends and family, post your vote on your Facebook wall or tweet about it – help us spread the word!