Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

Work and life experiences tend to create patterns and habits that are often hard to break. While they are not impossible to break, at times they can be difficult. So what happens when you have an “old dog” on your team and it’s time for change?

Here are a few ways you can help to break the negative patterns in your team members:

  • Ask for their input. Most managers make the mistake of not including their team members in decisions and change, which leaves the individuals to resist the new changes even more. Be sure to include your team members and staff, ask for their input, and really listen. They just might have some great suggestions that could save or make you more money!
  • Go slow. Don’t expect change to happen overnight, let the change take time and allow it to process for the individual. Be patient with people and offer support along the way. Change isn’t easy for the majority of people – especially in the workplace.
  • Be consistent. If you want your employees to change, be an example and be consistent. If you consistently implement new ideas and systems but don’t follow through your people will soon realize that the change is temporary and they can go back to their old ways in just a few weeks.
  • Reward change. It’s critical that you don’t negatively reinforce the behaviors that you don’t want and instead reward those individuals that do change. Set up a reward system, publicly acknowledge, or monetarily reward those that do implement the new changes.

Top FIVE Ways to Land Your Dream Job

Many people right now are saying they are “just happy to have a job,” but what if you aren’t satisfied with just any old job and are ready to finally land that ultimate dream job?

First, let’s start by saying that even though the reports state that unemployment is at all time high, which is true –90% of the population is still employed and new jobs and positions are being created every day. In a down economy as businesses shift and find new ways to market their services, attract new clients, and create new products new dream opportunities are born.  job

If you are looking for your dream job here are five ways to help you get exactly what you want.

  1. Clarity. Get clear on what your dream job looks like to you. Think about the office environment, your co-workers, your daily schedule, travel, etc. Once you get a clear picture you can begin to weed out any corporations that aren’t ideal for your lifestyle and goals.
  2. Network. Most job seekers make the mistake of networking only when they need something, even if you are not currently looking, be sure to stay connected with your circle of influence and be a go-giver.  Do your part in helping others and when you are ready to make a move, your network will be more than willing to help you out.
  3. Listen. Keep your ears open and your eyes peeled. Your new opportunity could come from unexpected sources. Perhaps you watch the local news and see a story about an upcoming company that would be your ideal dream job!
  4. Back Door It. If you have your eye on a particular company find ways to connect with other employees of the company  – hence social media is a great place for this. A big majority of people are on Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In and they aren’t hard to find either.
  5. Keep an Open Mind. Even though you may have a clear vision of what you want, some companies may not look like that vision on the outside. Be sure to stay open minded and give companies or opportunities a chance before you completely dismiss them. Sometimes the best come in the worst packages.  

20 year anniversary: – love what you do!

It’s hard to believe that I stepped lightly and yet seriously into this profession 20 years ago today: November 6, 1989. Lightly, because I was excited about my first job, and seriously, because it was my first job.  Little did I know how much I would enjoy this industry, make an impact in it, and now 20 years later actively lead my own company.Kira

Being involved in this service industry I am proud of our core values and how they line up to serve others.  Some critical things that I have discovered over the twenty years are that success comes down to two things: our relationship with all parties involved and providing exceptional service with the willingness to do what it takes to get the job done right and to do it that way consistently every time.

This profession has been and still is at many firms notorious for the long hours that staffing firms require.  I know, I lived it.   I am excited to provide an environment where our colleagues can lead well balanced and purposeful lives.  Working to eliminate stress and pressure helps us provide and deliver the highest levels of service and top talent. 

Enjoying what you do in your profession is very important and knowing that it fulfills your life’s purpose is icing on the cake.  I go to work every day, loving what I do…I have found that I am a living example of when you love your work, you will never work another day in your life.  Part of what we do at FORTIS is help others find that perfect role, that they will enjoy, find purposeful, and fulfilling. 

Through understanding our clients, we are able to provide professionals that are perfectly suited for their companies.  We add value to their departments and assist them in succession planning at all levels. In the end we add tremendous value and simply make everyone’s lives easier.

All success lies at the heart of relationships.  Over the years as I served as a consultant, recruiter and executive in the staffing industry I have come to the conclusion that nothing is more valuable than the relationship with your clients, candidates and colleagues.  Focusing on the relationship is the foundation upon which FORTIS was created.  I am happy to say that my years of experience have led me to places where I can confirm this time and again.  I look forward to my continued years of service to those who call upon us to impact their lives and their companies.